MDX1000 - WDXRF Analyser by Oxford Instruments

Manufacturer Oxford Instruments

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MDX1000 - WDXRF Analyser

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MDX1000: Rapid, multi-element Wavelength Dispersive XRF analysis

The MDX1000 is a powerful simultaneous multi-element Wavelength Dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) analyser for rapid, reliable process control. It is robustly built and compact and is equally at home in a laboratory or on the production site.

The MDX1000 conforms to many international specifications, e.g. ASTM D2622 specification for the rapid determination of sulfur in oil. For liquids analysis a unique customer replaceable secondary safety window ensures instrument protection in the event of sample leakage, leading to high reliability with low running costs.

For the analysis of cement, minerals etc the samples in the form of pressed powders are simply loaded into Oxford Instruments sample cells, placed into the MDX1000 and measured. “Live Results Updates” – simultaneous multi-element concentrations, are displayed after just five seconds of measurement allowing a rapid assessment of the production process to be made.

The MDX1000 uses a field proven X-ray tube giving years of trouble free operation which combined with the use of fixed element monochromators (i.e. no moving parts) gives high long term reliability. It’s unique and easy to use software allows operation by both laboratory and production staff giving total 24/7 confidence.

An optional 1-72 position autosampler allows for unattended operation.