MaxCyte® STX™ Scalable Transfection System

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  • Ease of use
    5 out of 5
    After sales service
    5 out of 5
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    4 out of 5
Rating: 4.7
"This system is very easy to use, a new operator can be trained in minutes. It is fast, transfections can be completed in seconds. Very versatile- it is applicable to most cell lines and drug targets."

Review date: 28 Sep 2011 | MaxCyte® STX™ Scalable Transfection System
The MaxCyte® STX™ Scalable Transfection System is a highly versatile, benchtop transfection platform that enables rapid and consistent production of transfected cells for use in Protein Production,Vaccine Production, High Throughput Screening (HTS), High Content Screening (HCS), and other cell-based assays.

The MaxCyte STX uses proprietary flow electroporation technology with a library of pre-loaded protocols to transfect CHO, HEK, CAP-T, Jurkat, Vero, insect cells, primary cells, stem cells, difficult-to transfect cells, and other cells commonly used for protein production and cell-based assays with a variety of biomolecules including DNA, RNA, siRNA, proteins, or other molecules of interest. Flow electroporation provides for high cell loading efficiency and viability with unmatched reproducibility.

This single platform can be used for small-scale transfection (5E5 cells in seconds), which is ideal for assay development, as well as large-scale, bulk transfections (2E10 cells in 20-30 minutes), often required for screening and protein production. Transfected cells can be used immediately following electroporation or if more suitable to assay scheduling, transfected cells can be aliquoted and cryopreserved for future use.


  • produce antibodies
  • produce vaccines
  • express GPCR and multi-subunit Ion Channels
  • perform large-scale protein production
  • create stable clones and pools
  • lower your screening costs with high productivity.

This platform provides a cost-effective solution that uniquely fulfills the demands of all early-phase drug development activities. The MaxCyte STX can help you produce protein and develop assays faster and in more biologically relevant cell types, increasing the productivity of your laboratory while improving the quantity and quality of your drug candidates.