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Matrix Gemini™

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LIMS Configurability

Today, laboratories may be required to change their processes on a frequent basis. This is a challenge when implementing a LIMS unless the system is extremely configurable. However, there has always been a trade-off in choosing a LIMS – configurability vs. speed of implementation.

Not any more. Matrix LIMS offers fast implementation and an excellent fit for a wide range of laboratories and processes. Matrix LIMS contains a unique configuration tool that lets a non-programmer, fully design and configure any screen in the system right down to buttons, lists, graphics, security and automated reporting and email options.

Key Features

Matrix Gemini™ is an advanced PC based LIMS developed in the UK by Autoscribe Ltd., an ISO 9001 certified company dedicated to the LIMS and data management software business.

Matrix Gemini is unequalled in its configuration flexibility easy to use configuration tools including a "configuration wizard" allowing free choice of screen and menu designs, customer specific tables/modules, multiple screens for the same function (e.g. registration screens optimised for each sample category), multiple sample numbering systems and much more.

The flexibility of Matrix Gemini™ allows its use in a wide variety of laboratories, both in size and application. There are installed systems with over 500 concurrent users and single user, single PC systems. Matrix Gemini is therefore suitable for both global organisations and small individual laboratories. Matrix Gemini includes extensive features to assist with the requirements of the highly regulated laboratory including audit trails, time and date stamping of all actions, version control of all reference data such as test definitions and extensive features to help with 21CFR Part 11 compliance. e.g. data entry authentication and comprehensive password management capability. The system may be used with a variety of databases including Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

Autoscribe has an unmatched reputation for professional system implementation and support services that may be verified with existing customers included on an extensive reference list.

Matrix Gemini™ is Simple to Use

Matrix Gemini includes several unique features which simplify its operation. The unique Workflow user interface graphically represents the progress of a sample through the laboratory. Simply click on a selected step in the workflow diagram and go straight to that LIMS function. This interface is more intuitive than conventional menus as Matrix Workflow Screen better represents the sequence of work in the laboratory. Moreover multiple workflow interfaces can be used and they can be individually configured to suit different work practicesas required using standard configuration tools that do not require programming or esoteric, proprietary scripting languages.