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Mastersizer S

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The Mastersizer S is a modular particle size analyser offering the maximum measurement versatility. It can measure spray droplets as well as wet and dry samples. With a wide range of sample dispersion units, it is the instrument of choice for many R & D departments.

Broad measurement range

2 variants available to measure samples in the range 0.05µm to 900µm and 0.05µm to 3500µm.

Wide range of sample types

One system for the measurement of sprays, emulsions, suspensions, pastes and dry powders.

High speed data acquisition and the measurement of sprays.

The Mastersizer S detector array acquires light scattering data at the rate of 500Hz (one measurement every 2ms). It is thus ideal for the measurement of sprays and dry powder inhalers. Transient effects, such as dissolution or agglomeration can also be monitored in the case of non-spray samples.

User friendly Software

With the largest user base in the market today, the user-friendliness of the Mastersizer S software is well established. A special 'ABC' icon gives the user a simple instrument set-up routine that ensures that no key settings are overlooked.


Malvern Basic programming language allows users to customise their measurement parameters and report options. The ease of exporting data into other independent software packages makes the Mastersizer S a truly valuable research tool.


Choice of 2 dry powder feeders, 2 large volume wet sample dispersion units and 2 small volume wet sample dispersion units, allows the system to be configured to meet the needs of your application. Spray measurement capabilities are also available.