Mastersizer Micro by Malvern Panalytical

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Mastersizer Micro

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The Mastersizer Micro was developed to provide a simple-to-use compact particle size analyser capable of being operated at or near the production line as well as in the laboratory.

Sample handling and dispersion is simplified by the use of standard 600 to 1000ml laboratory beakers in place of a fixed tank. Its robust construction and relatively small size have made the Micro very popular for offshore and mineral exploration applications.

Single Measurement range

Measures materials from 0.3 µm to 300 µm

Dispersion Type

Wet, Capacity 600 to 1000 ml

Dispersion Mechanism

Dip-in pump and stir head with continuously variable single shaft pump and stirrer and continuously variable ultrasonic probe. The spring counterbalanced stir head is lowered into a standard 600ml to 1000ml laboratory beaker in which the sample is dispersed.

Dispersion control Operation

Manual control via splash-resistant touch pad on unit.

User friendly Software.

Configurable for one-button operation. Standard operating routines can be set up to reduce operator error.

Accuracy and Reproducibility

Accuracy: ± 3% on the Dv50 using Malvern Quality Audit Standards Instrument-to-instrument reproducibility: Better than 3% RSD on the Dv50 of the Malvern Quality Audit Standard.