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Rating: 3.7

  • Application Area: Molecular Research

"The kit is easy to use and I have found actually still works well long after its expiry date! The kit includes everything including nucleic acid free water so there is no need to worry about additional extras for PCR."

Review date: 30 May 2012 | Mastermix
Eppendorf MasterMix (2.5x) is a ready-to-use PCR mix for all users who require high reproducibility for large sample series.

The ready-to-use mix reduces the number of time-consuming pipetting steps, since only primer and template need to be added to the 2.5x concentrate. This not only reduces the likelihood of errors and the contamination risk, but also increases precision and sample throughput.

In addition to the high-quality Eppendorf Taq DNA polymerase, nucleotides, standard Mg2+ concentration and reaction buffer, the PCR MasterMix contains the Eppendorf TaqMaster®, which guarantees high yields and excellent stability of the reaction components.

It is not necessary to freeze the MasterMix for storage purposes, which reduces the stress placed on the components and eliminates the time-consuming thawing process.

Storage and reaction buffers

Taq-DNA-Polymerase (0.06 U/µl), 2.5x Taq reaction buffer (with 125 mM KCl, 75 mM Tris-HCl pH 8.3, 4.0 mM Mg2+, 0.25% Nonidet®-P40), 500 µM dNTP, stabilizers.

Separate magnesium solution

25 mM Mg2+.


2.5x equivalent to 0.06 units/µl.


Store at 2-8°C in a refrigerator or -20°C in a constant-temperature freezer.

Package sizes

100 and 1,000 reactions (1 reaction = 50 µl).

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Mastermix by Eppendorf product image


Manufacturer Eppendorf

3.7 / 5.0 | 1 reviews