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  • For use with electrolyte reservoir and POLYFERM™ sensors

  • No flat seals - guarantees armature is completely pressure tight

  • Non-protruding, integrated manometer prevents impact damage

Special design feature enables easy opening for replacing electrodes Electrodes with liquid electrolyte are typically used for very critical process or applications that require high accuracy or long-term stability. In order to assure accurate and reliable measurements, such electrodes need to be pressurized over process pressure to enable the electrolyte to flow out of the electrode.

The MASTERFIT armature enables installation of these electrodes into positive pressure process tanks or tubes. Design features have been incorporated to ensure safe, reliable performance of pressurized electrodes. There are no flat seals, which ensures the armature is completely pressure tight. Large windows allow monitoring of electrolyte level of the installed electrode. The integrated manometer indicates the applied pressure and is housed flat against the armature to avoid impact damage. Three stainless steel pins protect the electrode membrane against breakage due to solid sample components.

To make opening of the armature safe and easy, the armature head is equipped with a lever that releases the armature pressure. In the straight position, the armature is pressurized. When the lever is moved to the 90° position, pressure is released. The armature can then be safely disassembled for electrode replacement.

The MASTERFIT armature is available in various immersion lengths for installation into tanks or fermentors with different wall thickness, i.e. isolated or double walled types. If dimensions other than those listed are required, please contact Hamilton' for more information.

Mechanical Connection: G 1 1/4"
Total Length: 395 mm (installed armature)
Maximum Diameter: 60 mm
Wetted Materials: Stainless Steel 1.4571; AISI 316 Ti, VITON
Temperature Range: -10...+130°C / 14...266°F
Maximum Pressure: 6 bar / 87 psi
Standard Immersion Length: 70, 100, 150 and 200 mm
Electrodes for Installation: All electrodes with electrolyte reservoir and POLYFERM electrodes