MassARRAY Analyzer 4 System

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The new MassARRAY Analyzer 4 system brings the power of mass spectrometry, robust molecular biology, and advanced data analysis software to meet the needs of high- and low-throughput laboratories. The system provides increased throughput, faster time-to-results, and the ability to cost effectively run from tens to thousands of samples - making the Analyzer 4 system an ideal genetic analysis system for use in basic and translational research laboratories.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Mass spectrometry-based detection system for sensitive, accurate, and rapid analyses
  • 384 and 96-well options for high- and low-throughput research applications
  • Easy-to-use multiplexed assay design and optimization software saves research time and helps maximize efficiency
  • Improved chip scan rate for faster time-to-results
  • Robust, label-free primer extension chemistries saves money
  • Small footprint and built-in computer to preserve valuable bench space
  • Enhanced remote diagnostics capability maximizes system operating time