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Map II

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The Maldi Auto Prep System

Our customized 1-channel liquid handler for automated MALDI sample preparation - based on the proven Gilson 215 series of robots.

Automated MALDI sample preparation has become feasible with the MAP II™ series of robot systems - including the most common sample cleanup steps, e.g. on-target washing or purification with Millipore ZipTips™. MAP II is available as one-channel and 8-channel liquid handler.

MAP II and MAP II/8 use disposable tips for a minimum of cross contamination. Samples can be placed in capped vials or in microtiter plates; all standard microtiter plate formats are supported and can be reproduced 1:1 onto the scout MTP™ MALDI target.

One single sample spreadsheet contains all information necessary for automated sample preparation, measurement and analysis. This spreadsheet links together MAP Control and the FLEX III MALDI-TOF acquisition control module AutoXecute™, guiding the path from sample purification to a successful protein identification.