MAP-C2 High Throughput Assay Processing Workstation

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MAP Microplate Assay Processors are designed to serve as modular workstations configured with application specific combinations of microplate washing, dispensing of up to seven reagents, plate to plate liquid transfer, filter plate washing and extraction, plate stacking and download to a reader. They feature high processing speed, excellent accuracy and powerful, walk-away functionality. MAP assay processors provide reliable start-to-finish automation of many liquid handling processes in drug development, diagnostics, genomics, proteomics and coated plate production.

MAP assay processors utilize Titertek's proprietary dispensing technology, consisting of a direct dual syringe drive fitted with unique positive displacement syringes. This technology results in low dead volume and makes dispensing accuracy completely independent from reagent viscosity. The instrument is available with different syringe sizes to facilitate precise dispensing in the 0.5µl to 2.2ml volume range. The entire liquid path is made from chemically resistant materials.

The integrated stacker supports up to four magazines which provide flexible plate sorting. Magazines may be loaded with different plate types and can be randomly accessed.