Mantis Eyepieceless Stereo Viewer by Vision Biomed

Manufacturer Vision Biomed

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Mantis Eyepieceless Stereo Viewer
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With in excess of 150,000 installed units worldwide, Mantis has become the low magnification stereo viewer of choice in a vast range of laboratory and industrial applications. All of these applications require bright, well contrasted images that are easy to view, especially for prolonged periods.

The patented spatial imaging technology used by Mantis provides true optical 3D images, together with large working distances and magnification options up to x10.

The Mantis projects the stereo image into the operator’s eyes, allowing for a much greater freedom of head movement than is usually associated with standard microscopes, where two fixed eyepieces dictate where the technician puts their eyes and how they must hold their posture. Good hand to eye coordination is maintained because the working distance between the hands and the eyes is exactly the same as it would be without magnification. This approach means that switching the gaze from the Mantis viewer to the subject directly does not tire the eyes.

The Mantis was designed to ensure body posture and eye relief is maximised for long term use - this results in significant improvements in operator effectiveness. 

What does this mean to the microscope user? Increased efficiency, greater accuracy and reduced errors.