Mammalian Transfection Kit by Agilent Technologies

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Mammalian Transfection Kit
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The CaPO4 method of DNA transfection was initially developed as a technique for measuring the infectivity of isolated viral DNA. The precipitate formed by CaPO4 enables transfection by enhancing the adsorption of DNA to cell membranes, thus facilitating the DNA uptake by mammalian cells.
  •  >100-fold increase in transient transfection efficiency
  •  Increases yield of stable transformants
  •  Reduces total time for transient assay to as little as 12 hours
  •  Modified bovine serum increases number of cells transfected
  •  Unprecedented efficiency with retroviral and adenoviral systems
  •  Promoter analysis of numerous constructs
  •  Genetic screening protocols for identifying agents that modulate gene expression

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