(disabled) MagRo™ 8-M Robotic Workstation

Manufacturer Bio-nobile

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  • For automated sample purification
    -Use the MagRo™ 8-M workstation with ready-to-use protocols or customize your own application.
    -Eg. Purification of DNA, histidine-tagged fusion proteins and magnetic particle immunoprecipitation
  • Solutions for variable throughput needs
    -MagRo™ 8-M fills the gap between manual work and HTS automation.
    -MagRo™ 8-M processes 8 samples in parallel in flexible  batch sizes up to 96 samples per run
  • Two instruments in one: sample purification and liquid handling on one versatile platform
    -Carry out both pre- and post purification pipetting on the same compact platform.

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(disabled) MagRo™ 8-M Robotic Workstation

Manufacturer Bio-nobile

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