MagNA Lyser Instrument

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1 instrument (110 V or 220 V) (plus 2 MagNA Lyser Rotors, a MagNA Lyser Rotor Cooling Block, and a MagNA Lyser Rotor Stand)

The MagNA Lyser Instrument is specially designed and optimized for use with MagNA Pure LC Isolation Kits, which extract DNA, RNA, or mRNA from different tissue sources. It can also be used for other applications in which tissue and cell disruption is required. This instrument performs efficient homogenization of mammalian tissue, plant tissue, or other materials.
The MagNA Lyser Instrument contains a convenient removable rotor, which holds 16 sample tubes for simultaneous processing. The sample tubes are prefilled with ceramic beads (MagNA Lyser Green Beads, Cat. No. 03 358 941 001); tissue and lysis reagents are added to the sample tubes. The instrument creates a rapid, oscillating reciprocal motion of the rotor, which agitates the contents of the sample tubes; tissue disruption is caused by the collision of the beads with the sample material.
Optimized lysis buffers of the different MagNA Pure LC isolation kits, to process various sample materials, are available separately.
A customized Rotor Cooling Block is included to efficiently cool samples during setup.

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