MACS® Cell Separation Columns by Miltenyi Biotec

Manufacturer Miltenyi Biotec

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MACS® Cell Separation Columns
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LS Columns are designed for positive selection with the MidiMACS™, QuadroMACS™, VarioMACS™, or SuperMACS™ Separators. The LS Columns are useful for the isolation of rare cells as well as for the separation of large cell numbers. They can also be used for the depletion of strongly magnetically labeled cells. LS Columns are compatible with MACS® Cell Isolation Kits to obtain untouched T cells, B cells, monocytes, NK cells, or basophils.

The column matrix is composed of ferromagnetic spheres, which are covered with a cell-friendly plastic coating allowing fast and gentle separation of cells. The columns are packed in a sterile way and can be used to separate eukaryotic cells, bacteria, viruses, or subcellular material less than 30 µm in size. An LS Column Adapter is needed to fit LS Columns into a VarioMACS or SuperMACS Separator. The SuperMACS II Separator is supplied with the Adapter for MS, LS, and LD Columns.