Macrosep® Advance Centrifugal Devices

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Rating: 3.7

  • Application Area: centrifuge

"When I was using this instrument a few years back, it worked well. It was very stable and gave reproducible results. I enjoyed using it."

Review date: 28 May 2013 | Macrosep® Advance Centrifugal Devices
Quickly concentrate up to 20 mL of biological sample Pall Life Sciences Macrosep Advance Centrifugal Devices

Features of the Microsep Advance Centrifugal Devices:
  •  Rapidly concentrates 20 mL sample volumes to 0.5 mL. 
  •  Provides high recoveries, typically > 90%. 
  •  Low protein-binding Omega membrane and polypropylene housing minimize losses due to non-specific binding. 
  •  Versatile Omega membrane is available in a variety of MWCOs. 
  •  Built-in deadstop prevents spinning to dryness. 
  •  Color-coded for easy identification

Applications of the Microsep Advance Centrifugal Devices:
  •  Concentrate and desalt proteins. 
  •  Exchange buffer or remove salt of chromatography eluates and gradient fractions.
  •  Recover proteins or other molecules from cell culture supernatants.  
  •  Remove particulate from aqueous solutions and clinical samples.

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Macrosep® Advance Centrifugal Devices

Manufacturer Pall Life Sciences Laboratory Products

3.7 / 5.0 | 1 reviews