M501 New UV/Visible Scanning Spectrophotometer

Manufacturer Camspec Ltd.

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Camspec is pleased to announce the all new single beam scanning UV/Visible spectrophotometer

• Local Control Software - All methods are included
• Basic Mode - Measures Absorbance, %T and Concentration.
• Quantitative - Upto 10 standard solutions maybe used for a calibration
• Wavelength Scanning -
• Kinetics - For time course scanning or reaction rates
• DNA/Protein - Concentration & DNA purity are calculated
• Multi-Wavelength - Upto 10 wavelengths
• Performance Validation - for the GLP compliant labratory

Other Features

• The sealed and solvent-resistant tactile keypad has alphanumeric entry for user file names and user entry of units

• The M501 has a real-time clock for date and time stamping of results

• Lamps may be turned off and the lamp usage may be monitored. The status of the lamps is always displayed on the screen

• Full A4 print-outs of graphs and tables of results may be obtained using popular inexpensive printers such as an HP Deskjet

• The Print-out button also allows the screen display to be printed at any time

• Non-volatile memory provides storage for up to 30 methods/results.A method may be simply set up by selecting the type of measurement and pressing the LOAD button

• When a spectrophotometer arrives at the measurement wavelength, blanking is required, so the M501 performs this automatically

• The M501 has a large sample compartment (225mmx115mmx120mm high) which can accommodate an 8-cell changer and 100mm pathlength cells. The optical height is 15mm above the cell base

• Accessories - a wide range of accessories will shortly be available including a peristaltic sipper and an 8-cell automatic changer

• The large synthetic covers allow the M501 to run cool and this minimises warm-up effects

• The absence of flat external surfaces or cooling vents discourages spillage onto or into the instrument

• The rugged steel base and enclosed monochromator assembly ensure the calibration is stable for years of instrument use

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M501 New UV/Visible Scanning Spectrophotometer

Manufacturer Camspec Ltd.

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