M107 High Specification Visible Range by Camspec Ltd.

Manufacturer Camspec Ltd.

M107 High Specification Visible Range by Camspec Ltd. product image
M107 High Specification Visible Range
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• 325nm - 1000nm wavelength range
• 5nm bandwidth
• T/A/C Mode
• Automatic zeroing and blanking with button
• Windows® based software for easy data collection and easy exporting to Microsoft® Excel® (optional)
• Printing capability with external serial printer (optional)
• Easy access and alignment-free lamp change
• Large sample compartment
• Large selection of accessories

Using a reconfigured grating monochromator from the successful M105 and M106 models, the M107 offers more performance and versatility with only a modest price difference. The large sample compartment allows the use of a wide range of accessories, including a 4-position cell changer with holder for cell pathlengths up to 50mm. A membrane keyboard positioned next to the large, clear LCD display allows the operator to rapidly switch between %T, Abs and Concentration modes, and to set Zero Abs.

Signal processing and results display are microprocessor controlled and the narrow 5nm bandpass gives improved analytical sensitivity. The outstanding optical performance is also indicated by the low zero drift (<0.001A/hr) and the low stray light (0.1%T @ 340nm). The fundamental reliability of the instrument is assured by the absence of motor drives - wavelength selection is by rotary control. This simple mechanism automatically selects the order sorting filters, offers permanent wavelength calibration and eliminates wavelength initialisation routines at switch-on.

The RS232 output provides a convenient link to a PC or a digital printer for hardcopy. A low-cost application program which runs under Windows®, includes the facility to create calibration curves. The reaction kinetics program, when used with the thermostatted cell holder accessory, provides an excellent low-cost enzyme analysis system.