M100 laboratory sieve shaker by Endecotts Ltd

Manufacturer Endecotts Ltd

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M100 laboratory sieve shaker

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The low cost M100 is an excellent small laboratory shaker designed for 100 mm and 3"" diameter sieves. It is robust, lightweight and provides the user with complete control over amplitude and vibration time.

• Common with all Endecotts shakers the M100 imparts the optimum vibration movement to the sieves to ensure rapid and accurate results.
• Fitted with an electromagnetic drive - the shaker is not only maintenance free but has no rotating parts to wear out. Another advantage of this type of drive is 'quiet operation'.
• Simply load the sieve stack, clamp into place. Set the 0 to 60 minute timer or select 'I' for continuous sieving. Set the amplitude setting to the optimum level for the sample under test.

The M100 will accommodate up to three 100 mm, 3"" or 4"" diameter sieves plus a lid and receiver.