m-VROCi by Malvern Panalytical

Manufacturer Malvern Panalytical

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Innovative microfluidic rheometry for industrial applications.

The Malvern m-VROCi utilizes unique microfluidic viscometer / rheometer on a chip technology to provide high resolution viscosity measurements into the ultra-high shear rate regime. High shear rate measurements for low viscosity materials are inaccessible with traditional mechanical rheometers, but are important and relevant conditions for many industrial processes and product use environments.

The m-VROCi uses a totally enclosed microfluidic slit flow system to deliver accurate and robust viscosity measurements for low viscosity materials to extreme shear rates, with ease of sample loading and operation.

m-VROCi Features:

  • Narrow gap microscale flow channel with embedded MEMS pressure sensors enables a wide dynamic range in shear rate for added R&D capabilities
  • Extremely high shear rate measurements accessible due to operation in very low Reynolds Number regime well away from inertial flow instabilities
  • For low viscosity samples of the order of a few mPas, measurements at process-relevant shear rates in excess of 106s-1 are attainable
  • Rigorous flow channel corrections applied for non-Newtonian materials for full flow curve generation, enabling direct comparison of low shear rate data from a rotational rheometer
  • High resolution viscosity measurements enables reliable viscosity data with variations in formulation, particularly for low viscosity materials
  • Totally enclosed system enables accurate measurement of samples with volatile solvent bases – no evaporation
  • Small sample volumes can be used for cost effective viscosity measurements on early stage industrial formulations, and for high value chemical components
  • Ease of sample loading and operation with syringe-based system
  • Automated temperature control from 4ºC to 65ºC, including temperature sweeps
  • All wetted materials are highly chemically resistant

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