M Series Systems

M Series Systems
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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Unique M Series double beam design concept allows user to select the channel in use, permitting truly automatic dual atomizer switchover and operation. SOLAAR software control with easy-to-use wizards...read more

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Review date: 27 Apr 2007

M Series Systems

"One of the best instruments I have ever had serviced."



Unique M Series double beam design concept allows user to select the channel in use, permitting truly automatic dual atomizer switchover and operation. SOLAAR software control with easy-to-use wizards to select most common functions.
• Maximise your productivity
• High performance atomizers
• Dual background correction option
• Stored task recall for simpler analysis
• Quality results with less effort

Product detail:

The M Series of spectrometers offer ergonomically designed, dual atomizer, multi-element AA systems with a footprint of less than 0.5 sq. m. Employing a unique echelle optical system to cover the range 180nm to 900nm (with wide range PMT option), it sets a new standard of performance. Pre-aligned flame (left hand compartment) and furnace atomizers (right hand compartment) can be selected purely by software means, so that automated changeover in a method is possible. A 6 lamp auto-aligning turret (using data-coded lamps with individual power supplies), pencil beam optics and Stockdale double beam system combine to produce exceptional trace element detection limits. QuadLine deuterium background correction is standard on all units, even when equipped with the optional Zeeman system, and provides guaranteed correction performance.

The M5 system offers flame and furnace operation with deuterium background correction while the M6 provides flame and Zeeman furnace operation. Other options are the dedicated MQZ Zeeman furnace-only system or the MQZe combined Zeeman furnace/vapour analysis system.  

All flame systems use automatic binary flow gas management for reproducibility and safety. Universal 50mm titanium burner supports all flame types and has high solids handling, excellent flame stability and low carbon build-up. Auto optimising software control of burner height adjustment. Standard inert fluoroplastic spray chamber, with micro-adjustable impact bead, and inert nebulizer provide unmatched sensitivity.

Feature-packed Windows 98/2000/XP-compatible SOLAAR software control offers multiple wizards to optimise system parameters and control analyses. Alternative LCD Local Control available. Optional system validation and tools to aid 21CFR Part 11 compliant operation ensure data quality and integrity.

Full range of optional accessories to provide optimal solutions to a wide range of analysis types, including flame autosampling, graphite furnace and vapour analyses.


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