Lysate Direct PhyTip® Columns for Plasmid DNA Purification

Manufacturer PhyNexus, Inc.

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Lysate Direct PhyTip® Column Technology consists of novel purification columns that are composed of a pipet tip containing plasmid DNA binding resin and a thin, inert frit screen at the end of the tip to retain the resin. The unique design of the column allows for DNA binding directly from cell lysates in the presence of precipitates and debris without sample clearing. By eliminating the need for centrifugation or filtration, lysate direct PhyTip columns for plasmid DNA purification enable utilization of liquid handing automation found in high throughput laboratories to easily purify up to 96 samples in parallel. In addition, lysate direct PhyTip® columns are also compatible with the MEA Personal Purification System available from PhyNexus for 12-at-a-time sample processing.

Features include:
• Ability to process viscous media and lysates
• No filtration or centrifugation of lysate required
• Consistent purification greater than 15 µg from 1.6 ml culture
• Fast and fully automated, easy-to-use system
• Transfection-ready, sequencing ready