LyoStar II R&D Freeze Drier by Genevac

Manufacturer Genevac  |  Available Worldwide

LyoStar II R&D Freeze Drier by Genevac product image
LyoStar II R&D Freeze Drier

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The LyoStar II is a research and development freeze drier, built and proven to replicate production scale freeze drying to enable easy scale up. The LyoStar II comes with a revolutionary new software control package, the exclusive SMART Freeze-Dryer Technology, which enables the average cycle optimisation time per product to be reduced from 62 days to an average of 13 days.

Typically, developing of freeze drying processes is a lengthy and time consuming iterative process relying only on trial and error. Recent rational approaches have been developed which have been distilled into the latest SMART freeze drier technology. Researchers report that this approach yields more useful data that helps when scaling up to production and delivers superior product quality.