LUNA-II™ Automated Cell Counter by Logos Biosystems, Inc.

Manufacturer Logos Biosystems, Inc.  |   Model: L40001 / L40002  |  Available Worldwide
The LUNA-II™ Automated Cell Counter uses precision brightfield optics, an autofocusing liquid lens, sophisticated image analysis software, and an onboard computer to provide a truly automated solution for brightfield cell counting.

LUNA-II™ Automated Cell Counter by Logos Biosystems, Inc. product image
LUNA-II™ Automated Cell Counter
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The LUNA-II™ automated cell counter has integrated a novel focusing mechanism based on liquid lens technology.

The liquid lens does not use any mechanical moving parts to change the Z stage. Instead, the Z position of the sample is rapidly obtained by the application of a small voltage to the liquid lens. The elimination of moving parts removes noise and significantly reduces the need for servicing. Even after multi-million cycles of focusing, the liquid lens does not require repair or service. 

In combination with this novel focusing mechanism, the LUNA-II™ has integrated a new autofocusing algorithm optimized for cell counting. The LUNA-II™ automated cell counting algorithm has been recognized to have the best-in-class cell counting accuracy. 

Key Features:

  • Reduced counting costs
  • Increased convenience
  • Erythrosin B and Trypan Blue-Compatible