LUMIstar OPTIMA Microplate Luminometer

LUMIstar OPTIMA Microplate Luminometer
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LUMIstar OPTIMA Microplate Reader for Flash and Glow Luminescence If you need the highest luminescence sensitivity in a microplate reader then the LUMIstar OPTIMA will exceed your requirements. more

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Weiming Xu


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Review date: 27 Sep 2012

LUMIstar OPTIMA Microplate Luminometer

"This is one of the best machines for the measurement of the Luciferin reaction with high throughout assay. I would recommend it to a colleague."



LUMIstar OPTIMA Microplate Reader for Flash and Glow Luminescence

If you need the highest luminescence sensitivity in a microplate reader then the LUMIstar OPTIMA will exceed your requirements. The LUMIstar OPTIMA offers high performance luminescence (flash and glow) and BRET capabilities and has additional advanced features including top and bottom reading, incubation up to 45°C or 60°C, shaking, up to two on-board injectors, gas vent connection as well as BMG LABTECH’s established Reader Control and powerful MARS Data Analysis Software. The LUMIstar OPTIMA has been validated with Promega's popular Dual-Luciferase assay and carries the DLReadyTM-icon for certification.

The LUMIstar OPTIMA is a fully automated microplate luminescence reader that is designed for the widest possible range of applications based on luminescence labels:

  • Reporter gene luciferase assays ß-galactosidase, gene activities with luminescent substrates (e.g. luminol, acridinium esters, dioxetanes, etc.)
  • Luminescent immunoassays
  • Cell-based assays (e.g. cytotoxity and proliferation, intracellular Ca2+ with aequorin)
  • ATP assays
  • GUS assays (ß-glucuronidase)
  • ROS (reactive oxygen species)
  • Enzyme activity assays
  • Nucleic acid detection (PCR quantification)
  • Luminescence ELISA

BMG LABTECH’s Digital Photon Integration (DPI) technology and the programmable Gain control give the LUMIstar OPTIMA the best sensitivity, with extended linear dynamic range. By incorporating on-board reagent injectors, flash kinetic reactions can be measured in as little as 20 ms. The faster transport system allows 96-well plates to be read in as little as 20 seconds.

The LUMIstar OPTIMA is entirely upgradeable at any time to the powerful FLUOstar OPTIMA with additional detection modes including fluorescence intensity, time-resolved fluorescence and absorbance or even to the POLARstar OPTIMA with Simultaneous Dual Emission and fluorescence polarization detection mode.

The Windows based OPTIMA software provides an extensive range of possibilities in test parameter definitions, data reduction and analysis. The Control Software allows flexible definition of microplate layouts, filter selection, interval and injection times, measurement and shaking parameters. During the measurement, it is possible to observe the data with the Real Time Graphics feature. The Standard Curve Wizard creates an easy step-by-step calculation of a standard curve and the Template Manager is an excellent tool for building complex data processing protocols. With MARS, user-defined data analysis is simply done with one click of the mouse. Improved robotic integration capabilities with Active X and DDE interfaces, digital signature and FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance complete BMG LABTECH’s software package.


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