Lumina Fluorescence Spectrometer by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Lumina Fluorescence Spectrometer
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From the magnesium fluoride coated optics to the individually configurable optical filters, the Thermo Scientific Lumina delivers performance and flexibility for research luminescence applications.

Using pre-aligned, modular monochromators and the highest-quality optical components, the Lumina provides high resolution measurements with superior sensitivity. The quality does not end at the instrument, but extends to our software and accessories that offer a complete solution to your laboratory.

A Complete Fluorescence System 

High-resolution monochromators delivers a narrow, 0.5 nm spectral bandwidth for high resolution measurements 
Variable spectral bandwidth offers the resolution you need for the compound you are analyzing 
150 W Xenon lamp provides extremely stable illumination throughout the full wavelength range 
Customizable filters ensure the highest spectral purity by blocking excitation and scattered light 
Sensitive detector provides extended measurement ranage for the analysis of near-IR dyes, chlorophyll, or phthalocyanine compounds 
Fast scanning drive acquires data at speeds up to 6,000 nm/min 
Horizontal beam geometry provides optimum excitation to deliver the most fluorescence signal 
Large Sample Compartment easily accommodates accessories for temperature control, multi-cell holders, rapid mixing, solid sampling and polarization accessories

Powerful Software

The Luminous software provides full control of the Lumina fluorescence spectrometer and accessories: 

Data acquisition and processing, post-run spectral analysis, system validation and diagnostic testing are all integrated into a single, convenience platform 
Intuitive method settings for measurement control 
Process data and customize reports

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