NanoScanZ 200F by Prior Scientific

Manufacturer Prior Scientific  |   Model: NZ200F  |  Available Worldwide
Piezo Z axis focussing device for upright microscopes

NanoScanZ 200F by Prior Scientific product image
NanoScanZ 200F

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Combining precision and speed, the NanoScanZ 200F from Prior Scientific offers the end user nanometre level repeatability for movement in the Z axis, making the NanoScanZ an excellent choice for Z-stacking and 3D reconstruction.

The NanoScanZ can be used with all nose piece positions, ensuring no loss of parfocality, and DIC techniques are also possible. Much faster than an objective collar, the NanoScan Z can complete all its movements within 20 ms. Compatible with Prior’s H101F flat top stages for a wide range of upright microscopes the NanoScan Z has a wide range of inserts available, and is a superb choice for detailed cellular analysis and imaging. Compatible incubators for maintaining living cells at their optimal conditions are also available.



  • Repeatability: 1 nm
  • Travel distance: 200 µm