Lumat³ LB 9508 Ultra Sensitive Tube Luminometer

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Lumat³ LB 9508 tube luminometer provides the sensitivity and versatility you need in a general purpose luminometer. Advanced tube-based photon counting provides an extended dynamic range with linearity over more than six decades. The instrument is ideally suited for reporter gene assays, and other luminescence research and diagnostics applications.

The Lumat features reagent injectors providing the highest reliability and simplicity in liquid handling. Based on the jet injection principle the injectors combine high speed and precision of the injected volume with the reliable mixing of reagents. The injected reagent volume is programmable within the range of 10 - 100 µL or 25 - 300 µl. Designed to withstand corrosive reagents the Lumat’s variable volume injectors are also optimized to reduce dead volume; an important consideration when using expensive reagents.

Unique measurement chamber design The measurement chamber is designed to enable rotating sample transport. You can load a second sample while the first one is being measured, thus saving time which results in throughputs approaching those of an automatic instrument. The special design of measurement chamber provides superior light collection efficiency.
The instrument is operated with ICE - a modern easy-to-use and powerful software. Wizard guidance, flexible display functions and export as xls, pdf and doc files stress the value of this software.
Measurement and evaluation modes include dual measurement, kinetic measurement, curve fitting and cut-off classification.

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Lumat³ LB 9508 Ultra Sensitive Tube Luminometer


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