LTSYS-PTC by Attocube Sytems, AG

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Attocube Systems LTSYS-Ptc - Pulse tube cooler system optimized for optical microscopy

The new Attocube LTSYS-Ptc pulse tube cooler system is optimized for optical microscopy. An integrated anti-vibration system facilitates highly sensitive measurements in a cryogen-free environment. Together with a custom-made radiation shield, the outer vacuum casing and an exchangable optical window, an easy integration of the Attocube LTSYS-Ptc into existing optical setups is enabled. As an additonal benfit, the compact table-top LTSYS-Ptc  system is suitable for any optical table.

The basic Attocube LTSYS-Ptc system includes the following components:

• Low vibration pulse tube cooler including a low tempearature compatible lense and xyz coarse positioning unit.
• Built-in anti-vibration system enabling high resolution confocal imaging.
• Confocal microscopy controller ASC400 for intuitive controlling of the microcopy modules.
• Piezo Controller for sample coarse positioning.
• Workstation PC with TFT-monitor.

Options with the Attocube LTSYS-Ptc:

• Low temperature compatible xy scanner.
• Sample heating stage to vary the temperature from 4 to 200 K.
• Temperature controller to precisely control the sample temperature from 4 to 200 K.