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The Multiphoton System for Your Demanding Samples
LSM 7 MP combines the fixed-stage microscope Axio Examiner with a scan head specially designed for the infrared spectrum up to 1300nm. All the system components are optimized for research with your most demanding live samples. Detectors, filters, lasers, and incubation guarantee perfect results in optimized environmental conditions.

Use 2-photon microscopy to obtain structural information from within tissues or living organisms
The LSM 7 MP is optimized for intravital microscopy and the most demanding deep tissue imaging – it is based on the principle of multi-photon microscopy. Because the isolated excitation of a signal takes places in a small, confocal volume, the method works particularly gently on specimens and is thus particularly suitable for experiments with living organisms. By using the high-performance pulsed laser cable of achieving a wavelength of 700 to 1300nm, you can excite two or more photons of your fluorescence dyes almost as effectively as an individual photon at half the wavelength.

You can also obtain additional information using supplementary methods such as the second harmonic generation (SHG) acquisition process, and you can gather valuable structural data from tissue without specific staining. Beyond the focal plane, the laser intensity drops exponentially, ensuring no tissue damage is caused by phototoxicity.