ZEISS LSM 710 ConfoCor 3 by ZEISS Microscopy

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ZEISS LSM 710 ConfoCor 3
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Versatile measurements in solutions and cells: concentrations, interactions, fluctuations, diffusions.

ConfoCor 3 is an ideal choice for single molecule imaging applications. It measures precisely with highest sensitivity and quickly within seconds. Based on the confocal detection principle, the diffusion speed and concentration of a fluorescent labeled molecule is easily accessed in a single measurement by the correlation function.

No compromise in sensitivity
The new C-Apochromat 40x / W 1.2 (UV-VIS-IR) high numerical aperture objective guarantees a maximum collection efficiency of photons emitted by an excited molecule. These photons are detected with highest sensitivity by Avalanche photodiodes (APDs). Rely on efficient colour correction for best cross-correlation results.

Marriage of Optics and Mathematics
The confocal volume is produced by focusing the laser beam on the physically smallest possible spot usinghigh precision optics. Recorded fluctuations in fluorescence are then analyzed by a sophisticated mathematical equation, the correlation function.

Automation to enhance your comfort
ConfoCor 3 is the fully motorized and computer controlled single molecule imaging solution. This microscope enables the automation of measurement protocols. High reproducibility in your measurements, high sample throughput and delegation of routine measurements go without saying.

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