LSM 510 NLO and LSM 510 META NLO - Multiphoton Microscopes

Manufacturer ZEISS Microscopy

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Make a new experience with multiphoton microscopy!

Confocal and nonlinear, visual and infrared, for upright and inverted microscopes, expandable. Complex technology - easy to operate.

Optical precision and innovative technology, combined with ingenious scanning techniques, ensure image acquisition that is gentle with your specimens, whatever they are.

Compact scanning module:
Shortest light paths plus stability, thanks to compact design. Two independent mirrors, collimators for the visual and near infrared ranges, and the detectors in the scanning module guarantee the ultimate in sensitivity.

Selection of laser lines:
Free combination of visual light lasers with an ultrashort-pulsed laser. Suitable lines available for all investigations and dyes. Software control of all lasers, thanks to a digital signal processor (DSP), an acousto-optical tunable filter (AOTF) and an acousto-optical modulator (AOM).

Flexible scanning strategies:
Mark the structures of interest with a mouse click – the interaction between DSP, AOM and AOTF illuminates these structures only with the intensity you selected. High-tech the easy way.

Variable detection:
Two or three channels descanned. The META detector supplies spectral information. Up to four channels non-descanned, one of them available as transmitted-light channel. No limit to signal acquisition.

Optics second to none:
Microscopes, objectives and electronics from Carl Zeiss provide maximum resolution in all applications.

Suitable dyes:
Ultrashort-pulsed lasers – broad excitation spectrum in the near infrared, with one wavelength for many fluorochromes.

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LSM 510 NLO and LSM 510 META NLO - Multiphoton Microscopes

Manufacturer ZEISS Microscopy

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