LS Reloaded™ Laser Scanner

Manufacturer Tecan

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Versatile automation-friendly scanning solutions for all microarray formats

Accelerated and reliable analysis
With its automation-ready design, parallel dual channel detection capability, and ability to operate up to 4 excitation lasers and 28 emission filters, the LS Reloaded Scanner greatly accelerates fluorescence laser scanning. Increased throughput and multiplexing capabilities for array and other micro feature imaging and analysis mean savings in both time and resources.

The possibility of having three different grades of confocal measurements together with an autofocus system gives unprecedented flexibility and the highest possible reproducibility in sample imaging for diverse applications and format sizes.

Add on scattered light detection after printing enables spotting Quality Control (QC) – even without the use of dyes. This permits chips of insufficient quality to be excluded prior to hybridization, saving time and LaserCheck™ assists in verifying and documenting the consistent performance of your microarray scanner. It is an innovative quality control kit for the LS microarray laser scanners that confirms the performance of the optics,mechanics and electronics.

Increased sensitivity
The LS Reloaded Laser Scanner from Tecan is the first fluorescence laser scanning system to support dual color Evanescence Resonance measurements. This unique chip scanning technology maximizes sensitivity by about 10-fold for dual laser applications (e.g. Cy3 and Cy5). Typical required spatial scanning resolution from 6 to 40 µm is supported on one instrument.

Seamless integration and scalable throughput
The universal 4-slide adapter seamlessly interfaces with Tecan’s automated HS 400/4800 slide hybridization stations as well as the Connect™ autoloader and each of the LS Reloaded Laser Scanners without further slide manipulation. Array-Pro Analyzer™ provides every conceivable image analysis tool to characterize the measurement system and achieve maximum signal/noise ratios, repeatability of results and quantitative accuracy.

The LS Reloaded Scanners and Array-Pro Analyzer™ are seamlessly linked to provide an indispensable solution for microarray and high-throughput screening research. Such advances are driving the revolution in Genomics, Proteomics, Drug Discovery and Bioinformatics.

The Quality Control, sensitivity, automation and throughput improvements provide reliable sample imaging and analysis for appropriate statistics and downstream data mining.

In addition, with its unprecedented flexibility, the LS Reloaded Laser Scanners and the Array-Pro Analyzer™ guarantee that existing and future requirements of analysis in the rapidly growing field of microfeature formats and bioinformatics will be met.

Different formats – one solution
The introduction of new applications in the post genomic era is giving rise to novel microarray formats and sizes, including new protein and tissue arrays. The LS Reloaded Laser Scanner provides flexible scanning technology that allows researchers to automatically scan many different sample formats such as glass slides, microplates, membranes, gels, colony plates, and even encapsulated features – all on one instrument.

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LS Reloaded™ Laser Scanner

Manufacturer Tecan

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