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Reveal new insights with the predictable activities and proven scaffolds in LOPAC1280™

The power and convenience of the known actives in Sigma's Library of Pharmacologically Active Compounds is assured. This annotated collection of small molecule modulators and approved drugs impacts most cellular processes and covers all major drug target classes.

Consider the bioactives you want in your library and reveal why researchers worldwide trust what we have in ours:

1,280 pharmacologically active compounds—All major target classes are represented, including GPCRs1 and kinases,2,3 making LOPAC1280™ the most flexible assay validation library available. Use the LOPAC1280™ Navigator to explore the components.

Marketed drugs and pharmaceutically relevant structures—Predictable activities and proven scaffolds directed against a wide range of drug targets.

Annotated structure/activity database—Convenient management of individual samples, subsets, or the entire collection.

Guaranteed Sigma-Aldrich quality and easy re-supply—Highly pure compounds, each available as an individual catalog item.

Pre-solubilized and normalized compounds—Ready-to use DMSO stocks require less time-consuming sample preparation. Standard concentrations allow easy determination of IC50 values for comparison of activities within and across compound and target classes.

LOPAC1280™ components are available in the NCBI PubChem database.


Relevant Compounds and Pharmacological Activities

LOPAC1280™ includes the latest pharmacological tools developed against all major target classes. LOPAC1280™ not only offers 1,280 high-purity, bioactive small organic molecules but also gives access to comprehensive electronic support documentation. LOPAC1280™ compounds are also indexed in the NCBI PubChem database.

- Antiproliferatives
- Enzyme inhibitors
- Antibiotics
- Cell cycle regulators
- Apoptosis inducers
- GPCR Ligands