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Long Pathlength Gas Cell
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Average Rating: 4.3
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Cyclone C5 is a great accessory, user friendly, simple maintenance protocol accessory.
Rating: 4.3

  • Application Area: Analyze food sample and environment gases

"I am familiar with the use of Cyclone C5 gas cell, in which its pathlength and be adjusted from 2 - 8m. The results are surely can be reproduce easily. The quality of the results is satisfactory because the problem of low signal to noise ratio can be overcome by simply adjust is optical path length."

Review date: 13 Dec 2016 | Long Pathlength Gas Cell
Based on the White cell principle of multiple light passes between an arangement of reflecting mirrors, Tornado™ series is available with pathlengths between 1m to 20m

Tornado™ series gas cells are suitable for operation in all modern FT-IR spectrometers using Specac Benchmark™ baseplate provided as standard.
Borosilicate glass body material and anodised aluminium / stainless steel internal and external components provide superior corrosion resistance against a wide range of gases and vapors. Viton® 'O' rings ensure leak-free performance under vacuum and ambient pressures. State-of-the-art optical design combined with gold mirrors ensures the highest possible light throughput giving superior analytical sensitivity.

The supreme, in-built flexibility of the Tornado™ series allows additional mirror carriages to be used in the same body shell, maximising analytical capability and minimising operational costs.
A choice of KBr or ZnSe window materials allows users to make the optimum choice for their applications, and the transfer optics box is equipped with purge ports to allow operation under inert atmospheres. A range of optional features further enhances the flexibility of the Tornado™ range.