LM5000- Batch Laminating

Manufacturer BioDot Inc.

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The LM5000, also known as the Clamshell, is a manualluy operated module designed for the accurate assembly of precut materials into a specific test strip product. Precut membrane, absorbent material, conjugate pads and plastic backing are brought together to form a laminated lateral flow test strips. The Clamshell Laminator offers maximum productivity for a manually operated system. The Clamshell Laminator contains top and bottom vacuum nests to hold test strip materials in place for the lamination process. The nests are customized to the customer’s design, but are easily interchangeable so other designs can be laminated. When the nests are brought together accurate alignment of the laminate is achieved.

Features and Benefits of the Lamination Module:

Precision Alignment:

  • Material aligned with dowel pins and a custom design nest


  • All materials are laminated at once
  • Does not require scored plastic backing
  • Versatile for R&D and manufacturing needs


  • Easy operation
  • High-throughpu

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LM5000- Batch Laminating

Manufacturer BioDot Inc.

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