LM-14 Powder Filler by Biopharma Process Systems

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LM-14 Powder Filler

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The LM-14 is a manual powder filler that utilizes the ACCOFIL vacuum/pressure principle to weigh and dispense powders in a quick, repeatable manner, eliminating time-consuming hand-weighing. Fill size can be changed by adjusting the filling chamber or changing gun sizes. A wide range of standard gun sizes is available to cope with different powders and container sizes.

The LM-14 is designed to fill powder weights of 2 mg to 10g. A special Micro-Well kit is also available to streamline filling of 96 well plates. These systems can be used for a wide variety of products including pharmaceutical and cosmetics, powdered inks, food and beverage powders, micro-spheres, salts, agricultural products, fertilisers, and more.