LKS.60 Laser Flash Photolysis Spectrometer

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Laser Flash Photolysis provides one of the most effective methods for studying by direct measurement the reactions of transient species such as radicals, excited states or ions, in chemical and biological systems. Laser flash photolysis has been used increasingly in the area of bioinorganic reaction mechanisms, for example, studies on electron transport in cytochromes or ligand binding by haem containing proteins. Recent cutting-edge applications include studies on the conformational changes of functional proteins that occur during the course of their activity. The flash photolysis concept is very simple: a short pulse of light is used to interact with a sample that has been placed in the optical path of a spectrometer. The result of the interaction can be either a transient absorption or an emission process. The changes in detector signal taking place following laser excitation may be due to a variety of processes such as electronic excitation producing a triplet state, cleavage of a molecule producing radicals, electron transfer, molecular rearrangement etc. Applied Photophysics is the longest-established supplier of laser flash photolysis instruments. Our experience and large customer base are your assurances that we provide world class expertise and technical support for your kinetics research with the LKS.60 Spectrometer

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LKS.60 Laser Flash Photolysis Spectrometer

Manufacturer Applied Photophysics Ltd

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