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Sample preparation for a wide range of analysis types, sample dissolution, serial dilutions, reformatting steps and much more can be fully automated with Zinsser’s flexible liquid handling system, LISSY. LISSY is available in various standard configurations: from 90cm up to 200cm in length, from 1 up to 16 pipetting probes, with or without integrated gripper for moving plates, individual tubes or tools, etc. As with all Zinsser Analytic systems, LISSY can be custom designed using your current tools or by developing new tools to suit your application.

“A compact system capable of automating many applications” - this is a request that Zinsser Analytic is asked daily. Zinsser have developed a highly flexible concept, where modules on the workbench are mixed and matched to create the system configuration for the required applications, as typified by the workbench for a reformatting application, which can be easily adapted by the user for the specific reactor types that should be handled that day, offering the variety to reformat from big reactor blocks with inert gas supply and cooling, to small microtitre plates. If pipetting from flat bottom containers is required, a tilting station can also be installed on the workbench so that entire samples can be pipetted to the last drop.

In addition to flexible workbenches, LISSY is also extremely versatile as regards the configuration of the liquid handling channels. Many applications can demand a diversity in pipetting probes in a single run – from probes for septum piercing to avoid evaporation, for sample filtration from the top, disposable tips for contamination-free pipetting, for handling corrosive reagents, for ion-free dispensing, for spotting of reagents, for spraying in defined angles to wash remaining samples off the walls or for applying pesticides or herbicides directly to plants. If an inert atmosphere is required, the liquid handling probes can also be equipped with an additional gas channel. All these situations are handled with ease, since each pipetting channel can be defined with a different type of tip and an individual pipetting volume. There is a vast range of different pipetting probes to choose from.

LISSY, can be further equipped with additional modules such as sample identification (barcode reading), pH-measurement and adjustment, heating and cooling stations, vortexers and stirrers and many others. Should your requirements change in the future, LISSY can be upgraded with new tools and options as your workflows evolve. The hardware modules can be easily located and removed from the workbench so that the layout needed for today’s task can be easily configured prior to run.
Zinsser’s user-friendly software, WinLissy, organises all layouts and methods for easy access and modification – a new layout can be created with the minimum of effort.

So be ready for today’s and tomorrow’s tasks with our flexible automated, liquid handling systems and our user-friendly software.

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LISSY by Zinsser Analytic GmbH product image


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