Liquidator 96 Manual Benchtop Pipetting System

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Rating: 3.7

  • Application Area: Pipetting 96-Well Plates

"In principle easy to use and reliable, if all tips stay on the machine. Sometimes it is very hard to make all tips stick and they even drop during use. Also the pipette tips are quite expensive."

Review date: 16 Dec 2013 | Liquidator 96 Manual Benchtop Pipetting System
The Liquidator 96 Manual Benchtop Pipetting System is ideal for high throughput applications. With 96 separate channels in an 8 x 12 standard plate pattern it allows volume dispensing between 2-200ul.

Liquidator 96 operates just like a manual pipette so is immediately available for use by all researchers, without the need for specialist technical knowledge or even access to a power supply.

The base of the unit houses two sliding plate holders that move along the y-axis, each of which can hold two 96-well plates; typically, one position is used to hold a box of 96 Liquidator LTS tips. Above these holders is a gantry that allows a pipetting head assembly to smoothly move along the x-axis and to be positioned directly over either of the two holders. Attached to the head assembly is a 96-well liquid head that can move down along the z-axis, closer to the holders.


  • Plate & Mother-Daughter replication
  • Reformatting from 96 to 384-well
  • Washing steps
  • Dilutions