Liquid Handling Control (LHC) Software

Liquid Handling Control (LHC) Software

BioTek Instruments, Inc.

Liquid Handling Control (LHC) Software interfaces with BioTek washers and dispensers Liquid Handling Control™ (LHC™) Software is a powerful yet flexible interface for use with BioTek's 405™ more

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Liquid Handling Control (LHC) Software interfaces with BioTek washers and dispensers

Liquid Handling Control™ (LHC™) Software is a powerful yet flexible interface for use with BioTek's 405™ Touch Washer, 405™ LS Washer, ELx405™ Select Deep Well Washer, EL406™ Washer Dispenser, and MultiFlo™ Dispenser.

Full PC control provided by LHC Software leads to increased convenience when programming important assay-specific protocol requirements in a familiar Windows® environment. Any programming sequence possible onboard the washer or dispenser may be duplicated from the computer with LHC. With intuitive StepWise™ protocol creation, even novice users will find LHC Software easy to use.

To meet the demands of the GxP laboratory, LHC™ Secure offers features to ensure compliance to the U.S. FDA's 21 CFR Part 11 directive. Flexible multi-user permission levels and electronic protocol and system audit trail signing are all available whenever additional security is required.

LHC Software allows an unlimited number of methods to be linked together for the most complex liquid handling routines. From an instrument’s first prime routine, multiple microplate processes over time, an ultrasonic cleaning to dissolve protein or salt crystal build-up to a final system rinse, LHC Software enables unattended operation. Protocols are automatically validated to ensure feasibility and compatibility with the selected instrument.

Liquid Handling Control (LHC) Software Features:

  • Full control of BioTek liquid handlers such as 405 Touch, 405 LS, ELx405 Select Deep Well, EL406, and MultiFlo
  • Program assay-specific requirements in familiar Windows® environment
  • Intuitive StepWise™ protocol creation with an unlimited number of methods included for ultimate flexibility
  • Automatic protocol validation for error-free assurance
  • Dual mode control – create and run protocols from PC or download to instrument’s keypad
  • Security enabled protection for downloaded protocols
  • Printed protocol reports
  • Custom maintenance reminders for continued instrument performance in busy laboratories
  • Multiple instruments controlled in parallel, including BioStack integrations for unattended batch processing


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