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Liquid Formulations Workflow
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Create formulations for stability and compatibility tests.

Generate and test hundreds of complex liquid formulations at a time using the automated Liquid Formulations Workflow. Use visual, chromatographic, or spectroscopic tools to monitor the stability of the libraries of samples. It is also available in a Benchtop Systems configuration. The Benchtop System is a self-contained, software-driven system, while the integrated workflow connects with other equipment in the lab and supports searching, security and auditing and configurable document workflow.

Prepare: Start-to-finish solution for solubility and stability studies

  • Symyx Software ties together experiment design, automation and data analysis.
  • Data package tracks entire experiment, including: different dilution samples, time stamped data, and correlate sample weights, sample images, and sample chromatography data.
  • Automatically create formulations for stability and compatibility tests using acids, bases, oxidants, and/or excipients.

Process: Multi-component liquid formulations

  • Modular system offers a variety of solubility profiling and formulation characterization studies on one system.
  • Core Module enables walk-away automation for liquid formulation studies, including: viscous dispense to study surfactants and solubilizers, sample stability, pH probe for formulations, piercing tips for dilutions and sample, on deck heating, stirring, vortexing, sample weighing, and sample imaging.
  • Run hundreds of experiments in parallel while delivering the same treatment and processing for more correlated experiments.

Analyze: Higher throughput and faster analysis

  • Automation and informatics offer significant increase in throughput allowing a scientist to both do more studies, and more broadly profile the compounds of interest.
  • Easily analyze multiple dilutions of hundreds of samples through Symyx Software