Liquid Crystal Tuneable Optical Filter by Laser Physics UK Ltd

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Liquid Crystal Tuneable Optical Filter
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Meadowlark Optics’ Liquid Crystal Tuneable Optical Filters facilitate spectral analysis of not only a collimated beam, but of an entire object. With no moving parts, a resolution down to 0.001nm and a tuning rate of less than 100ms, these robust filters are calibration free and can replace literally 1000s of filters for applications including fluorescence and absorption microscopy, Raman spectroscopy and solar astronomy.

At 38 x 67 x 15mm and less than 60g, the Tri-Color LC optical filter is the smallest LC filter package yet and stepping between 3 design wavelengths at full video rate without introducing vibration, it easily integrates in to your imaging system via post, cage or c-mounts. Stock filters are RGB, but this filter can be customised for different centre wavelengths, wavelength ranges, pseudo white state or continual tuning.

With continual tuning range over the visible spectrum at 3 selectable bandwidths, the TOF-SB-VIS tuneable filter allows the user to switch between or continuously through any wavelength from 420 to 730 nm with 0.1nm tuning resolution. Just as easy to mount into your imaging system, with its 2cm clear aperture and 6° half angle, this filter replaces thousands of filters, saving space and time between images and without introducing any vibration. Again Meadowlark Optics’ LC TOFs can be customised complete or as an OEM to suit your application needs.