Liquichek™ Immunoassay Plus Control

Manufacturer Bio-Rad
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Rating: 5.0

"I have the immunoassay controls shipped automatically to my specific needs. They are easy to use; the support is very helpful with questions. I have been using them for over seven years."

Review date: 21 Oct 2015 | Liquichek™ Immunoassay Plus Control
A liquid control designed for convenience in today’s busy immunoassay laboratory. With a comprehensive analyte menu, this human serum based control can replace two or more separate control products for immunoassay and therapeutic drug monitoring QC testing. 5 mL Fill Size 
  • Comprehensive IA and TDM control
  • Assayed values available for most automated immunoassay analyzers
  • 2 year shelf life at -20°C to -70°C
  • 14 day open-vial stability at 2–8°C for most analytes
 2.5 mL Fill Size 
  • Offers more than 40 analytes for the Dimension Vista® immunoassay test menu
  • 2 year shelf life at -20°C to -50°C
  • 4 day unopened (unpunctured) stability for all analytes when stored refrigerated at 2–8°C
  • 4 day open-vial (punctured) stability for all analytes when stored at 2–8°C