Lipoprotein (a) - Lp(a) Assay by Randox Laboratories Ltd.

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Lipoprotein (a) - Lp(a) Assay
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Rating: 4.0

  • Application Area: In Architec CI8200 in serum

"In Mexico, the Randox distribution company doesn’t have a good knowledge of the product and they don’t have good logistic of the product. Despite that, it is very good."

Review date: 14 Aug 2015 | Lipoprotein (a) - Lp(a) Assay
The Randox Lipoprotein(a), (Lp(a)), assay offers a truly accurate method for the assessment of Lp(a) in serum or plasma.

Elevated levels of Lp(a) are considered to be both a causal risk factor and independent genetic marker of atherosclerotic disorders. The major challenge with this test is the size variation of apo(a) within Lp(a).

Dependent upon the size of apo(a) in the assay calibrator, many assays under or overestimate apo(a) size in the patient sample. Many Lp(a) measurement techniques suffer size related bias problems resulting in an over estimation of Lp(a) in samples with large apo(a) molecules and an under estimation in samples with small apo(a) molecules.

The antibody used in the Randox Lp(a) method detects the complete Lp(a) molecule ensuring the most accurate and consistent results are returned.

Lipoprotein (a) - Lp(a) Features:

  • Liquid ready-to-use reagents
  • Superior methodology, displaying minimal apo(a) size related bias
  • Five point calibrator available, giving a true reflection of the isoforms present in the population
  • Applications available for a wide range of clinical chemistry analysers