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LIMS on Demand Offers Attractive Alternative for Small and Medium Enterprises

A new alternative for small to medium labs is LIMS on-demand. Hosted by an application service provider, users can access a fully functional, validated solution via a web browser for a monthly subscription fee. The primary benefits of the on-demand model are low total cost of ownership and ease of use.

Advantages of LIMS On-demand

• On-demand software, also known as software as a service (SaaS), is gaining user momentum for a variety of applications in a number of industries.

It is delivered by an application service provider (ASP) which users access via a web browser. The ASP is responsible for all aspects of the software includ-ing maintenance, upgrades, and security for which users pay a monthly subscription fee. Additional fees may be associated with any implementation, training, and configuration services the user may wish the provider to perform.

Rapid deployment: with LIMS on-demand, lab personnel can focus on their core competencies without the additional responsibility of maintaining lab software and data-bases.

Web access enables rapid deployment because site installation is not required. Anytime, anywhere system access delivers identical applications, data, and technical support to workers regardless of location enabling global collaboration.

• Security with web hosting: LIMS-on-demand ensures the latest software version is always available in a secure environment with no effort or additional expenditures on the part of the user.

Data is consistently backed up and redundancy provided by the host thus ensuring availability in the event of a disaster. The minimal investment associated with on-demand software allows unpa-ralleled flexibility. Users are free to expand the subscription should the need arise or to terminate the agreement should it be determined the solu-tion no longer meets requirements.