LightSight™ Software

LightSight™ Software

Applied Biosystems

LightSight™ Software is the ultimate tool for finding metabolites. With superior peak finding capability, automatic MS/MS acquisition, and automated MS/MS spectra comparison, LightSight™ more

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LightSight™ Software is the ultimate tool for finding metabolites. With superior peak finding capability, automatic MS/MS acquisition, and automated MS/MS spectra comparison, LightSight™ Software lets you efficiently identify and confirm metabolites from data acquired on Applied Biosystems/MDS Sciex triple quadrupole and linear ion trap mass spectrometers.

  • Calculate and display all data associated with a given metabolite in a single workspace.
  • Easily optimize your results with straightforward processing parameters.
  • Get superior peak finding and sample-control comparisons using the PeakPerform™ Peak Finding Algorithm.
  • Automatically acquire MS/MS on a list of potential metabolites.
  • Automatically compare metabolite and parent MS/MS spectra.
  • Create comprehensive metabolite reports in one click.
  • Visually demonstrate key functionality and basic tasks for new users using the Show Me Animations feature.

Simple, Clear Data Review
The LightSight™ software workspace supports quick, effective decision-making, to make your metabolite ID laboratory more efficient. Overlaid extracted ion chromatograms (XICs) of the sample and control enable you to instantly distinguish chromatographic peaks from noise. Adjacent display of parent and metabolite MS/MS spectra make spectral similarities and differences immediately obvious. And LightSight™ software’s exceptionally clear data display makes tedious visual comparison of printouts obsolete.

Automated and Accurate Comparison of MS/MS Spectra
LightSight™ software’s MS/MS comparison tool enables you to compare metabolite and parent MS/MS spectra more rapidly and to display fragments and neutral losses common to both spectra. It also eliminates the potential for error inherent in manual comparison, allowing you to more accurately confirm metabolites.

Animated Help Features Get You Started Quickly
Show Me Animations are short videos that demonstrate key functionality and basic tasks in two minutes or less. The animation walks you through the entire metabolite identification workflow using actual data. Help features like these, combined with an easy-to-use interface, enables you to begin identifying and confirming metabolites quickly the first time you use LightSight™ software.

The Clearcore™ Application Foundation
LightSight™ Software is the first application to be powered by the Clearcore™ Application Foundation. The Clearcore™ foundation provides the power for solid, easy-to-use software applications from Applied Biosystems/MDS Sciex.


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