ZEISS Lightsheet Z.1 Microscope

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Long Term Multiview Imaging for Large, Living Samples with Light Sheet Microscopy

Imagine you had access to an imaging system that could perform fluorescence imaging on large, living samples, with virtually no phototoxicity or bleaching and with high temporal resolution.

That is exactly what Lightsheet Z.1 from Carl Zeiss does. The unique Multiview Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscope allows you to record the development of large, living samples and gently image them to deliver exceptionally high information content.

It is also fast. Lightsheet Z.1 gives you the tools you need to work at unprecedented speed and acquire images of your whole sample volume at sub-cellular resolution – in a fraction of the time it takes using other techniques.

Lightsheet Z.1 Microscope Features:

  • Use Multiview to find the ideal position of your specimen in relation to the detection objective lens.
  • Image complete specimens by acquiring complementary information from different views, before recombining them in a simple post-processing step.
  • Improve resolution of your processed dataset by recombining information from different views and use deconvolution to further improve the image quality.
  • Shape the illumination light sheet with combined cylindrical optics and a beam scanning mechanism.
  • Rely on specially designed optics that give you the most homogenously illuminated optical section of any LSFM microscope.
  • Protect your sample by using extremely low laser intensities to minimize bleaching.
  • Create Multiview data sets using a new sample positioning approach.
  • Easily maintain physiologically relevant conditions and benefit from the improved combination of image information and control of environmental conditions.

Lightsheet Z.1 Microscope Applications:

  • Morphogenesis and Embryogenesis
  • Organogenesis and Cell Dynamics
  • 3D Cell Cultures
  • Imaging of Marine Organisms
  • Structural Features of Fluorescently Labeled Living Specimens

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ZEISS Lightsheet Z.1 Microscope

Manufacturer ZEISS Microscopy

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