LightScanner® System by Biofire Diagnostics

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LightScanner® System
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Mutation Discovery, Gene Scanning and Genotyping

The LightScanner is the first system to use Hi-Res Melting® (also known as High Resolution Melting, or HRM) analysis for mutation scanning and genotyping in 96- or 384-well plate system. Standardization is important for research, making the plate format preferable in many settings. It is compatible with nearly all thermal cyclers and qPCR machines.

The LightScanner is unsurpassed in its temperature control for plate-based systems. It also has the highest data quality. With superb sensitivity and specificity, this instrument is designed to meet the needs of high-throughput scanning projects. Simply add LCGreen® Plus dye to the initial PCR reaction– then transfer the PCR plate to the LightScanner for melting. Intuitive analysis software groups the results and provides automatic results.