Lightning-Link™ Atto 425 kit by Innova Biosciences Ltd.

Lightning-Link™ Atto 425 kit by Innova Biosciences Ltd. product image
Lightning-Link™ Atto 425 kit
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Say goodbye to secondary antibodies – Go direct using the World’s Easiest DIY Antibody Labeling Kit - Lightning-Link™!

• Eliminates need for secondary antibodies
• Reduces the number of wash steps
• Ideal for multi-protein analysis – with over 40 available labels
• Very easy to use
• 100% antibody recovery

Lightning-Link™ kits

The DIY Lightning-Link™ kit allows you to label an antibody with minimal hands-on time - less than 30 seconds. Simply add your antibody solution to a tube of Lightning-Link™ mix and the label becomes covalently attached to your antibody in a gentle controlled process. Lightning-Link is the easiest and quickest method available for antibody conjugation.

Go ‘direct’

Direct antibodies labelling greatly simplifies immunodetection techniques. Without the problems of crossover and/or non-specific binding from secondary reagents it is far easier to obtain high quality, pioneering results in techniques such as flow cytometry, ELISA, Western blotting and immunohistochemistry. A reduction in the number of incubation and wash steps also saves you time and money.

The antibody conjugate:

Atto425 is one of a new generation of fluorescent labels with a coumarin structure. It has a strong absorption at 436nm, high fluorescence at 484nm (extinction coefficient 4.5 x104 cm-1M-1) and high quantum yield. Atto425 can be used as a substitute dye for Pacific Blue, Lucifer yellow and 7-diethylaminocoumarin-3-carboxylic acid.

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